Miss IRAQ-USA is a beauty pageant contest organized by YallaFan production that will be held annually in the United States. It will be hosting for the third time, Iraqi young ladies from all over the 52 American states to compete among each other to win the title of Miss IRAQ-USA. There will be Contestants representing different regions and nationality from Iraq for the pageant.




The Miss IRAQ-USA Pageant Committee will conduct the state Pageant under the   guidelines of the Miss IRAQ-USA Pageant.  This allows the winner of the Pageant to be eligible to compete in any International beauty pageant. 

The Miss IRAQ-USA Pageant Committee has the authority to make provisions and waive eligibility rules and/or regulation requirements with the approval of their Pageant Committee.
Contestants shall agree to abide by all of the rules and regulations set forth by the  

 Miss IRAQ-USA Pageant Committee . Failing to meet any of the eligibility rules (without a  waiver) will disqualify a Contestant from the competition.


Each Contestant in the Miss IRAQ-USA Pageant on the date of competition and final selection of Miss IRAQ-USA:

1.  Must have reached the age of 18 years by March 1, the year of the competition.  Contestants must not have reached the age of 27 by February 28, the year of the competition.  Birth certificates may be required or State Identity. 
2.  Must be a resident of USA for at least one complete year.

3.  Must not have previously been, or presently be, married and/or pregnant.

4.  Must execute all consents and/or waivers of liability presented as conditions prior to competition.

5.  Shall abide by all rules and regulations of the Miss IRAQ-USA Pageant.

6.  Must not have ever been convicted of a crime.

Any Contestant not meeting the qualifications set forth above shall be denied the right to compete in the Miss IRAQ-USA Pageant.
















Miss Iraq USA

The purpose of Miss Iraq-USA:

1- To promote the Iraqi culture and heritage.
2- To introduce the Iraqi women to the world.
3- To Inspire the Iraqi women to participate in international level.

Photo Credit: YHY Film & Photography                         Evan Yaqoo -Nawar Hakim